Lufthansa First Class Menu Photo Shoot Showing Carrots, Mushrooms And Mussels Fruit In Water Photo Shoot Showing Lettuce, Limes And Artichokes Vild Nord Collagen Powder Photo Shoot Fruit Selection Including Figs, Grapes, Blackberries And Blackcurrants Pancake / Crepes And Berry Crumble Photo Shoot Artisan Bread And Flour Photo Shoot Organic Beef And Cardamom Pods Food Shoot For Danish Food Magazine Fresh Whole Lobster Food19 Dates On A Chopping Board Meringue / Pavlova And Dried Oranges Bread, Pickles And A Variety Of Dips Spaghetti And Parmesan, Lamb Kofte And Yoghurt Focaccia, Red Onion And Basil Apple, Dates, Dried Apple Crisps And Tea Seaweed, Mushrooms And Mussels Fresh Fish And Roe Baking, Fresh Eggs And Dipped Orange Slices Stewed Pork And Cake Loaf

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